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Tenant Fees

Tenant Fees & Charges for Housing Act Tenancies & Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST)

Holding Deposit

Equivalent of one weeks rent, which will then be deducted from your first rent due at the start of the tenancy. Further information on holding deposits can be found below.

Any clauses specially negotiated after the tenancy agreement has been signed.

£50.00, or any reasonable costs incurred by us if higher than £50.00.

Damage Deposit

Equivalent to 5 weeks rent.

(If annual rent exceeds £50,000.00, equivalent to 6 weeks rent)

Early Termination

All costs, fees and charges incurred by the landlord for granting early termination, including agent’s existing or re-letting fees.

Change of tenant

£50.00 for new reference & providing new tenancy agreement, or any reasonable costs incurred by us if higher than £50.00

Default Fees & Charges

Unpaid, late, returned rent payments

3% above the Bank of England base rate per annum, calculated daily.

Lost Keys

Any costs incurred for the replacement of keys, fobs or associated items which have been lost, damaged or broken

All fees include VAT.

Holding Deposits

A holding deposit will be taken to show your commitment to the property whilst references are taken and the tenancy documents are drawn up. You will then have up to 15 days to complete and sign the tenancy paperwork.

In some cases, the landlord may wish to continue marketing the property until the tenancy is complete. Any offer you make is subject to contract, references and cleared funds, prior to the agreed move-in date.

If you change your mind about proceeding with the tenancy, if any false or misleading information is provided, or something is not advised to us which you should reasonably have done, the landlord is within his rights to cancel the agreement, and you will not be entitled to receive any of the holding deposit. Such information includes, e.g. being on a short-term employment contract, declaring your income incorrectly, inaccurate employment information, failing to advise of previous missed or late payments, ever having had a County Court Judgement served against you.

In this instance, or if by the end of the holding-period you have not completed the tenancy, the landlord can withdraw from the tenancy and remarket the property. The landlord can also keep your holding deposit in full, or agree another date for you to complete the tenancy.

If the landlord decides not to proceed with the tenancy and none of the above applies, the full holding deposit will be returned to you.

Please contact us if you require any further information.

Non-Housing Act Tenancies % Company Tenancies

General Fees & Charges

Tenancy Arrangement and Contract Negotiation

£300.00 per tenancy

Company Reference Checks

£150.00 per reference

Deed of Guarantee

£150.00 per deed

Damage Deposit

Equivalent to 6 weeks rent


From £150.00 to £650.00 depending on number of bedrooms.

Pre-Tenancy Application Charge

Equivalent of one weeks rent. This will be put towards your first months rent at the start of the tenancy.

Withdrawal from Tenancy prior to commencement

Equivalent of one weeks rent.

Early Termination

All charges, fees & costs incurred by the landlord, including agent’s fees or re-letting fees.

Change of sharer


Additional Sharer

£100.00 if change at same time as above.

Renewal Negotiation

£195.00 per renewal. Any additional referencing required will be charged at £65.00 each.

Special clauses negotiated after tenancy agreement signed



£65.00 per hour plus contractors invoice where the tenant(s) are deemed responsible for necessity of call-out.

Cancellation or non-access of pre-arranged visits.

£65.00 if 24 hours notice in writing not provided.

Hourly Rate

£65.00 plus replacement costs for any damaged or missing items, or to return any fixtures & fittings to their original inventory condition.

Unpaid/Late/ Returned Rent Payments

£65.00 plus 3% above Bank of England base rate per annum, calculated daily.

Overseas Payments

£35.00 per payment.

All fees include VAT.