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Interesting Info November 29, 2020

Hackney – London’s Greenest Borough

There are many reasons to enjoy life in Hackney, and if you are looking to lead a green lifestyle, the East London location is one of the most appealing places you can find.

There are two ways you can consider the “greenness” of an area, but no matter what your focus is, you will find Hackney scores well.

The presence of Victoria Park is a massive reason why people live in Hackney. London life can be hectic, but when you have a massive park on your doorstep, it is easy to step outside and take some time for yourselves.

You can enjoy an open space close to your Hackney home

In the current climate, we know people are looking for larger homes, and a garden space. We appreciate it can be difficult to find an affordable property in London with suitable garden space, but in Hackney, you can also find a grassy place to sit, relax or socialise.

However, Hackney is also very well-regarded when it comes to the eco-friendly form of green. It is not so long since Hackney was classed as the greenest region in London, and the third in the whole of the United Kingdom, for CO2 emission reduction.

Hackney has worked hard to be a better place to live

In a ten-year period between 2007 and 2017, the borough dropped its CO2 emissions by 1.75 tons per person. This information was provided by the Department for Business, Energy and Industry. While other boroughs managed a steeper reduction in CO2 emissions, the final output of 2.32 tons of CO2 per head makes Hackney the London leader, and in the best three of the entire country.

George Chalmers, CEO of energy-switching company Migrate, said: “It’s great to see so many London authorities in the top 30, which is likely a result of efforts to improve air quality in the city like moving to greener public transport services and encouraging the uptake of electric and ultra-low emissions vehicles. The move away from fossil fuels to a renewable national grid will also play a key role in helping the UK to hit its climate goals.”

Samir Jeraj of Hackney Green Party said: “This is a great achievement for the residents of Hackney and very much reflects conversations we have on the doorstep. All over Hackney, people are taking action on climate change and together we can take the radical action needed to ensure a future for our communities.”

Green Party activist Dr Alex Armitage added: “It’s fantastic that we are living in the most climate conscious borough but we mustn’t rest on our laurels. We need to continue our CO2 reductions but we also need to innovate and show leadership: not just for the rest of London but the whole world.”

These are challenging times in the rental market, but there is activity and demand for homes. At Sovereign House, we are keen to help you with whatever you need in the Hackney lettings market. Why not call us on 020 8985 5800 or visit us at 213 Victoria Park Road, we look forward to assisting you with your property needs.

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Hackney – London’s Greenest Borough